Ultimate Strip-Off #2 - Lilly Vs Odette

Released at: May 20, 2014 by She's The Bomb Studios
You've never seen girls game, strip or get spanked like this before! Both petite blonde Odette Delacroix and the voluptuous, curvy 18 year old brunette Lilly are sharp as tacks! Lilly has never been naked on video… until now. Odette Delacroix, the challenger, is a skinny 87 pound blonde. What she lacks in stature, she makes up for with her spunk!

Round 1
Round one starts as Lilly & Odette Delacroix play Strip Blackjack, then about half way through, we switch to Sex Trivia. It's hard to stump girls with sex trivia questions because they are so into sex that they know so much about it! You are right there in the action as the camera rushes up to Lilly & Odette. You really feel like you're a part of their intimate game. To give you an idea of the punishment, the winner asks, "Can I spank her ass as hard as I want?" And she does!

Round 2
It's time for round two! Before the girls start, Odette Delacroix shows off her “Discipline Dong” - the big thick rubber "swatting" dildo. This is another close game - a mix of Sex Trivia and Strip Blackjack. They get questions in this round like "What creature in the kingdom has the longest penis?" We won't give away the winner here, but will say the winner isn't the same as in round 1. In this round, the loser gets humiliated on all fours - doggie style with her ass toward us and the winner makes the loser count off each swat she receives. Then, the loser gets an embarrassing, nasty message painted on her ass!

We can't have a stalemate, so the girls prepare for round three and the final tie-breaker! This round is mostly Sex Trivia. Lilly & Odette tackle nasty questions like "About how many calories are in a teaspoon of a guy's cum." The closest answer wins. In this game they both have to draw a picture of a penis. There's a trick question for them too. When either of them is losing, they have to jump up and down naked, holding up their penis pictures, humiliated. This is a very close game, and the winner gets to have her way with the ass of the loser - spanking it hard with the dildo and again and painting anything she wants on that bare ass!

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