Uncovered Attraction

Released at: November 2, 2021 by Web Young
Khloe Kapri is in bed. She has her eyes closed and is snoring softly. Suddenly a creaking sound is heard. Khloe's eyes snap open. Looking nervous, she quickly snaps her light on, sitting up in bed. Khloe yelps in fright when she sees another person in her room, but quickly relaxes when she sees that it's Maya Woulfe, her best friend. Khloe is shocked to see Maya, wondering why she snuck into her room. Maya apologizes for scaring her. She explains that she was watching TV with her parents, who are homophobic. There was a lesbian character on the show they were watching and their homophobic remarks about the character were the last straw for Maya. She had to get out of there. She snuck into Khloe's room and was hoping she could stay the night. Maya then reveals that she thinks she may be gay but isn't sure. Khloe - who is a lesbian herself - is supportive, offering to lead Maya through her first lesbian experience to help her figure out if she's gay. Maya seems touched by Khloe's offer but is still slightly hesitant. Is she SURE it wouldn't be too weird for Khloe? Khloe insists that she's Maya's best friend - the PERFECT person to help ease her through the nervousness she's feeling! Maya doesn't need any more convincing, and - with nervous excitement - agrees. Buying a robotic vacuum is the best thing Eliza Eves' parents have ever done! Since it helps Eliza keep the house tidy, now she has more time to spend with her bestie, Scarlett Mae. Tonight they decide to spend that time watching a movie, although the movie is steamier than they anticipated... As the two friends sit close together with a blanket thrown over their laps for extra warmth and comfort, they start to secretly become more and more aroused. Each thinking that the other won't notice, they slip their hands beneath the blanket to play with themselves a little. They're so distracted by what's on the screen and the naughty pleasure they feel that they don't notice the loyal little vacuum going around still doing its job... until it accidentally catches the blanket and hauls it off, revealing what they're doing! Although Eliza and Scarlett are initially embarrassed about being caught masturbating, they're also majorly turned on, deciding to keep going since they have nothing to hide anymore. Of course, the movie quickly becomes forgotten about as they instead focus on each other... It's time to get extra steamy in real life and they have their robot friend to thank! Angel Youngs and Aria Banks, two teen besties, excitedly curl up on the couch together. Now that they're old enough, they can FINALLY start watching a steamy soap opera that they've had their eye on for YEARS. But little do they know, this little show is about to turn into a HUGE obsession! Months later, they're both die-hard fans of the show. They can't get enough of it, making sure to watch each new episode together. The thing is, they can't agree on which guy the leading lady should get with! Angel loves a naughty bad boy while Aria melts over a cinnamon roll. But tonight, the leading lady is supposed to choose who she'll end up with, so they can finally put their argument to rest once and for all. But when the episode ends, they're both in shock. It seems the leading lady didn't choose EITHER man... but ended up with a WOMAN instead! This pairing has NEVER crossed Angel and Aria's innocent minds and they just can't believe it. Having been so sheltered for most of their lives, they can't comprehend how two women can fall in love and have sex with each other. Seriously, how does the sex even work?? The more they talk about it, mulling over the show's unexpected twist, the more curious and warm they become. They soon realize that the only way to really understand the leading lady's actions is to try having sex themselves!

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