Watermelon Babes

Released at: November 2, 2006 by LBO
You don't have to be a baby to like big breasts. 'More is Better' is the motto in America where the world's biggest boobs bloom on proud bosoms. This collection of some of the more astonishing achievements of nature is a must for mammoth mammary lovers. Sue Nero and Becky BigTits lead a delegation of chesty champions that will sweep the breast convention on the first ballot. Huge rouged nipples peak prominent pectorals, vast vistas of flesh rise majestically to rival any mountain range. Big Baby Dee is awfully oral. Even when it's between her tits, she keeps it in her mouth. Big blonde Tina prefers dark meat with lots of creamy gravy. This parade of ponderous pulchritude, any one of whom could smother you with kindness, is a dazzling display of divine excess.

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