Wendys Naughty Night

Released at: December 30, 2007 by Retro Seduction Cinema
Wendy is a sexy, sensual, long-haired hippie chick supporting her writer-boyfriend both financially and sexually. Seems Wendy may have some emotional issues to deal with evidenced by the scars on her wrists and the weekly visit to her shrink. In this session, Wendy details her first lesbian encounter at the age of 18. A flashback drives the point home in all its smoldering, tongue-probing glory as Wendy and Barbara go at each other in a blur of erotic undergarments, leather boots and straining bodies. Upon returning home, Wendy discovers her sister and a male partner in carnal embrace. She watches in rapt attention before running to her room to get herself off - both sisters climaxing simultaneously. Finally, Wendy allows her boyfriend the ultimate access to her body. It's the final, face-contorting act of pleasure before Wendy pulls out a .357 Magnum for a little game of Russian Roulette!!

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