What Dreams Become

Released at: April 12, 2009 by Twistedmegapass
Little Eric Jover dreams what it would be like to fuck a Dominatrix like in his magazines, be careful what you wish for because this dreams about to come true. Lexi walks in on Eric, who's now suspended from the ceiling and can't wait to show off her toys in her dungeon. After he can't take the paddling and whipping she asks if he wants her to change it up. He pleads with her to change so she gets the cattle prod, "What's that for?" he asks. Zap! Once she thinks he's had enough she lets him down and lights her candles for some hot wax fun. Lexi has to run some errands so she makes sure he's not going anywhere and wraps him up for safekeeping. He got to live out and submitted to his dream come true.

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