Who Do You Think About?

Released at: August 6, 2022 by AllHerLuv

Lisa (Sinn Sage) is sunbathing by her pool, and has an erotic dream of Kenna James going down on her in bed. In a pink bikini Charlotte Stokely wakes her up: "Lisa, what are you thinking about?". Lisa replies: "You". "I don't believe you", Charlotte responds quickly, and playing the coquette she mocks her friend: "But, nice save". They go inside Lisa's house and embrace. Lisa asks: "Move in with me, I want you here". Charlotte is standoffish, saying: "You want me to take care of you. When we were out by the pool you were thinking about someone else". Lisa admits she's been seeing someone for a couple of weeks. They argue a bit and Lisa calmly states: "Nobody can make you cum like I do". Charlotte counters: "Do you remember when things used to be romantic between us?".

Kenna (James) and Lisa (Sinn Sage) are lolling beside Lisa's pool, in an idyllic setting. A cute sort of courtship ensues: "You really live here alone?", Kenna inquires. "Why haven't you asked anyone to move in?". "Well, believe it or not i actually have", Lisa replies. "Who could say no to a life like this?". Lisa responds: "I'm upper maintenance". Lisa continues: "I can't even drink water without someone telling me to". They kiss, and Lisa says: "Do you want to go somewhere more comfortable?". The couple heads to the bedroom, and the gentle verbal dance continues. Admiring the place, Kenna asks "Have you ever been in love?". "I don't know", Lisa responds. "I have", says Kenna. "What's it like?". "It's like all the sad cliches, butterflies, dreams, constantly thinking about the other person", Kenna enthuses. "Well, I'm constantly thinking about you", Lisa responds. "Really?". "Oh yes, ever since that first night together", Lisa maintains. "You know, to tell you the truth, me too. It was kinda magical", Kenna claims. "But was it love?", Lisa asks mischievously. "Maybe it could have been love", says Kenna. "How can you tell?", Lisa wonders.

Kenna: "It's just something different -you feel like you're in college again. And I've never felt love before this moment." Lisa: "I know what you mean, kinda like the newness of it, thrill of getting caught". "Exactly", Kenna agrees. "I have to tell you something, though -I'm still seeing something else", Lisa confesses (referring to her lover Charlotte). "It's okay", says Kenna, suddenly looking serious. "She's umm, she's really special to me", Lisa murmurs. "Do you love her?". "She doesn't love me, so...", Lisa's voice trails off. "Does she know about me?", Kenna asks. "She guessed it, or predicted it -I don't know, it's hard to tell", Lisa answers. "Does that bother you?". Kenna says: "I don't know, but I appreciate your honesty". "She seems to think I'm falling in love with you", Lisa says whimsically, and they fondle each other's knees.

"Do you trust me?", Kenna asks. "I do". Kenna continues: "How about we make a deal -we're always honest with each other, no matter what." "I like that", Lisa responds. "I hate liars", Kenna asserts. "I only lie for work", Lisa says mysteriously. "OK, we have a deal", Kenna claims. "We should probably kiss on it", Lisa agrees. After a few more caveats, they get down to business, undressing on the bed and sensually exploring each other's bodies. Then Lisa interrupts the lovemaking: "There's this other thing, like we haven't done together yet, and like Kenna, I'd like to try it with you." Lisa opens the drawer on the end table and whisks out her trusty strap-on dildo. Watch the story unfold...

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