Wife's POV

Released at: May 18, 2022 by Full Porn Network

Savannah Bond is so fucking beautiful. She came all the way from Australia just to fuck my husband. This blonde pornstar is a powerhouse. She used my husband’s cock and made sure that I got a great show, watching him slide in and out of her tight pussy.

This is an incredibly even matchup between the strong, Dan Ferrari and the horny Avery Jane. Dan's only wrestling experience in on our mats. He does not train outside of the mat time he has here which makes it a bit more fun for the girls, giving them a chance to try to best him. Today, Avery's strategy is to let Dan get on top since he is stronger, let him get his dick in and then she will sweep him and get on top. This move works for her in round 3 when it counts the most. She gives Dan a run for his money. Is it enough to steal the orgasm and get the victory? Winner is choke fucked and dominated just like a loser on the mats should be.

Lilly Hall came by to suck some cock and Dan couldn't be happier to offer his. Lilly and Dan get to know each other a little first but then it's a total slobber-fest. After just a couple minutes Dans cock is all the way down Lilly's throat and she loves it. Lilly loves getting fac efucked in every position and coveting the sheets and floor with her spit. After a nice long, sloppy, wet, and nasty blowjob Lilly gets all Dans cum all over her perfect tits.

The sexy milf Jasmine has one of the hottest bodies in the entire porn world and she has a desire to fuck and suck every cock that she see's all she wants is to cum

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