Wrong Patient

Released at: March 17, 2006 by LL&L Video Productions
Mr. Johnson has checked into the hospital for treatment of a severe case of erectile dysfunction. Doctor Cleavage and her blonde nurse assistant are on hand to give a helping hand (or 2). After a brief exam Doctor Cleavage and the nurse begin to administer the treatment and Mr. Johnson's big cock gets hard very fast. Doctor Cleavage notices this right away and comments "you don't seem to be very dysfunctional Mr. Johnson" to which the stiffed cocked patient replies "my name is Smith not Johnson." Doctor Cleavage is startled and reaches for her chart and asks "why didn't you tell us?" He replies, "I was kind of enjoying myself." Doctor Cleavage is again startled and asks "what are you in for?" The now obvious Mr. Smith replies "I fell down the stairs at home, minor back injury."

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