You Can't Piss Me Off - Tina, Robin & Nurse

Released at: October 28, 2006 by Joan Wise Productions
Tina and Robin, waiting at the doctor's office have a little bet going on to find out who will have to piss first. In order to facilitate matters they both drink as much water as possible, even getting Nurse to replenish their supply. When they finally become bloated it occurs to them that wrestling, tickling, will speed up the decision. Robin finally gains the upper hand but cannot get Tina "pissed off". Nurse enters and joins the fun, adding pressure on Tina with holds, face sitting, tickling, and stomach pumping. Tina, by this time stripped naked, writhes and wriggles in an attempt not to get "pissed off". At one point Robin has Tina locked in a reverse head scissors and Nurse adds to the hold by sitting on Tina's trapped upturned face. Finally, Tina cannot resist any longer and nature takes its course. Though Tina does not get "pissed off" very often, this time she was pissed (in more ways than one).

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