Young Sluts, Inc. 4

Released at: April 2, 2002 by Hustler
Wensday 2:43 A.M. San Francisco is the bomb! I always thought that this town would be crawling with fags and hippies. I was so right, but that's cool. The Bay Area has its share of lipstick lesbians too. Meow! Thanks to Kat Slater this babe of a porn director I met the other night in the Castro, I can now proudly say that I've tasted girl flesh. Slater was in town shooting **Young Sluts, inc. #4** and she brought a smoking crew of bisexual babes with her. These chicks are so cool. They love to party and are always game to screw. Prick or pussy; they don't care. They just love to fuck. I had so much fun getting nasty with them. I'm gonna rent **Young Sluts, Inc. #4** as soon as it comes out; these bisexual porn whores are my new role models. I wanna be just like them.

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Layla Jade

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