Your Breasts, Your Choice!

Released at: January 13, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Karlee Grey is in total ecstasy. She receives a long and sensual massage from Lacy Lennon. Like any good massage, there will be a very nice happy ending. Lena Paul arrives for her massage appointment, complaining about her back. The masseuse, Evelyn Claire, is secretly attracted to Lena's large breasts. The sensual massage turns to sex, with passionate kisses, and Lena rubbing her breasts against Evelyn's pussy. Detective Abella Danger received a call regarding a lack of money at a massage parlor. When she goes to the reception and starts moving stuff, Haley Reed walks into the room and asks her what she's doing. When Haley finds out why Abella was coming, Haley changes her tone from aggressive to pleasant because she can't let Abella know SHE is the thief she's hunting down. Haley offers to take a little break so that Abella can enjoy a massage in order to distract her from the investigation.

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