Youth Hostel Capers

Released at: December 17, 2018 by California Star Productions
Three new girls are sent to the youth hostel run by a very strict disciplinarian. While being shown around, they spot a pool table and decide to give it a quick game. However, they have been given prior warning that they are to neither gamble nor fight. When the owner returns from a brief trip, she finds that money has been placed on the pool table and that they have obviously been gambling. Irate, she becomes very aggressive towards one of the pretty but cheeky girls. The girl is then led away to another room for spanking on her saucy bottom, followed by a hard paddling which becomes a kinky and erotic pleasure for her. In the midst of her paddling, they are disturbed by screaming and shouting from the poolroom, and they find the other two in the throes of a rambunctious fight. The cane becomes the obvious deterrent and is used to dampen their spirits and silence their mouths. The welts on their bottoms are ample proof that discipline is the order of the day at this hostel

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