Zoe's First Time

Released at: January 9, 2007 by Bob's Videos
Real passion melts inexperience...Zoe's not shy or laid back, and she welcomes Samantha's advances. This film is fresh and raw...Sam and Zoe really like each other! Samantha Ryan confesses that the first time she met Zoe Britton there was an instant spark between them. It doesn't take her long to lure Zoe to her bedroom, where she slowly and passionately seduces her willing friend. Both girls are patient and tender, and explore each other with lots of kissing and touching, allowing Zoe to actively pursue her feelings of arousal toward another woman. Zoe's pent up passions explode in orgasmic wonder at her new found bliss. The film's conclusion shows Zoe in a more aggressive passionate light. Experience leads to height end sexual energy and Zoe enjoys the delights of having her way with Samantha and spontaneously leading her friend across the threshold of multiple orgasmic reliefs. This film, while visually beautiful, crosses the line that opens into true passion, but neither partner will ever forget "Zoe's First Time".

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